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不过这次,记者在青岛阿迪尔专访到的是这位老朋友的新掌门——Simone Riondato。从他那里,记者也了解到了青岛阿迪尔的一些新动态。

The agricultural machinery exhibition is always a good place to visit old friends and meet new friends.The reporter also met several old friends in the agricultural machinery industry during the 2021 Qingdao Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. Qingdao ADR Axle Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred toas "QADR") is also one of them. But this time, the reporter interviewed the new head of QADR-Simone Riondato, from whom, the reporter also learned some new developments of QADR.


New head, radiate new vitality


A change of command will bring more new development concepts, as well as passion and enthusiasm to the enterprise.

Simone Riondato在疫情前接任总经理一职,可以说上任以来面临的压力可是不小。不过从和他的谈话中可以感受到他的坚定。上任以来他始终专注于战略思考,将自己的潜力建立在对业务的未来和分析的愿景上,并辅之以对持续学习和改进的深切需求。

This Italian (Simone Riondato) took over as the general manager before the epidemic. It can be said that the pressure he has faced is not small. However, he can feel his firmness from the conversation with him. Since taking office, he has always focused on strategic thinking, building his potential on the vision of the future and analysis of the business, supplemented by the deep need for continuous learning and improvement.

如何提高员工的执行力,是衡量管理水平和技巧的一个方面。据了解,Simone Riondato到任后积极开发新市场并围绕客户设计组织,让员工参与进来,充分调动了员工的进取心和热情,在稍显艰难的大环境下,为公司和社会都创造了利益。

How to improve the execution of employees is one aspect of measuring management level and skills. It is understood that after Simone Riondato took office, he actively developed new markets and designed the organization around customers, allowing employees to participate, which fully mobilized the employees’ initiative and enthusiasm, and created benefits for the company and society in a slightly difficult environment.


Grow, grow with the advantage


As an accessory part company from Italy, QADR has been in China for nearly 15 years, is no longer considered a foreigner.


Since ADR entered China, it has attached great importance to the Chinese market. The products being introduced into the Chinese market and the products being launched in the European market are synchronized.


A high starting point does not mean that you can sit back and relax. As the Chinese market continues to grow, QADR is also growing rapidly.


In the past two years, although there are many uncertainties in the domestic and foreign markets. But QADR is still quite optimistic about the Chinese market and foreign exports, and this is not blindly optimistic.


At present, QADR export markets are mainly concentrated in Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, West Asia and East Asia. And domestic and foreign orders are maintaining an increasing trend.


In the next step, it will reflect balanced development and exert strength in both legs. On the one hand, it is to develop the domestic market and further enhance its brand responsibility. The reporter has also seen that many well-known domestic and foreign companies have cooperative relationships with it; on the other hand, it is facing the Asia-Pacific market to further enhance and consolidate its market position.


Many international brands come to China, they will more or less show dissatisfaction. More often, it is because they cannot respond to changes in the domestic market timely.



For example, the domestic trailer market is divided into on-road and off-road products. Some manufacturers, especially axle manufacturers, continueto extend road products to off-road products, especially large-scale heavy-dutytrailers, which are the so-called "new agricultural machinery." Infact, in China, many big players are doing this work. Faced with such changes,  QADR also gave his own answer.


According to the reporter's understanding, ADR is also constantly improving road products. However, it has always had a more solid foundation in terms of agricultural machinery products.


Change, change with response to market changes


In terms of product innovation, the reporter learned from the first contact with QADR many years ago that QADR works with OEMs and partners, and has participatedin the design of related parts from the beginning of product design and development. Cooperating with partners for product research and development is the best solution QADR providing to customers.


For the new end-users in the new era, accessory manufacturers can't stay aloof either.


The reporter also knows that many accessory manufacturers, like host companies, hold demonstrations and promotion activities from time to time to approach end users.


In fact, while providing customers with steel rim and tire products, QADR also provides packaging services for matching parts, which is bound to reducethe occurrence of potential problems and ensure the end user's experience. In addition, they also put on the schedule to visit the end users, so as to understand the first-line needs, and at the same time assist the partners to make better design plans.


On the other hand, in the past two years, whether it is the complete machine or the accessory parts, intelligence is undoubtedly a hot word in the agricultural machinery industry. More and more "post-90s" end users are pursuing efficiency, comfort, and safety. QADR also focuses on end users and collects user experience to continuously improve product performance in all aspects.


This also puts forward higher requirements for manufacturing companies. In this regard, QADR also has mature solutions in terms of intelligence and automation. At the same time, it is also upgrading in terms of reducing downtime and speeding up delivery.

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